Anonieme hoogleraar doodsbang voor GeenStijl

We can the professor at ease setting

We must a forepreservation making because it in a column of Martin Sommer stands, and Martin Sommer is mostly not so sharp with the facts, but we did not want to unhold you this. If we Sommer must believe there is a high teacher who is a warm plea deliverer for the Dutch as academic feed language but is as the dead that GeenStijl itself up throws as ghost relative. Hahaha. We must there so hard around laughing. What can us that now skew-eyeing. The problem with some courses at universities is what there for unsentence becomes said. Not in what language that unsecentence is said in (how well, sometimes goes it indeed a bit far). And anyway. We can also very good in the English writing, so we come there also well when everybody English speaking. Thus high teacher, come but out of the closet!

(Waarschijnlijk) niet de hoogleraar uit de column

(Waarschijnlijk) niet de hoogleraar uit de column


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