KWIJT en GEZOCHT. Spoorloze F-35 die op auto pilot verder vloog na ejectie piloot

Ejectie ja zo zeg je dat in NEDERLAND

Ja legt u het maar uit hoor. Lang verhaal kort: er is een F-35B stealth vliegtuig dusdanig kwijt dat de Amerikaanse luchtmacht het publiek om hulp bij de zoektocht vraagt. Om verlies in vertaling te voorkomen citeren we gewoon even letterlijk The Drive en daarna Washington Post. "An F-35B pilot ejected from their aircraft today around 2:00 PM local time in an area north of Joint-Base Charleston. The pilot landed under a parachute in a Charleston neighborhood and is in stable condition, but the advanced stealth fighter they ejected from is nowhere to be found. (...) There is no information on what led up to the ejection. (...) But here's the kicker: the DoD is saying the F-35B was put on autopilot prior to the ejection. (...) On autopilot, it could have flown hundreds of miles before crashing, depending on its fuel state."

(...) The fact that the F-35 disappeared without any reports of a crash points to the likelihood that it went down in a sparsely populated area. If it ran out of fuel, there would not likely be a big fire and no massive fireball for people to spot, nor as loud of a crash. If it went down in the Atlantic, it could make finding it even harder. (...) But if the aircraft was in its full stealthy configuration and had avionics issues, tracking it may have been troublesome."

Lekker dan, je stealth zoeken in een radius van honderden kilometers. WaPo meldt dat de transponder ook nog eens uit stond:

"The jet’s transponder, which usually helps locate the aircraft, was not working “for some reason that we haven’t yet determined,” said Jeremy Huggins, a spokesman at Joint Base Charleston. “So that’s why we put out the public request for help.”


Is eerder gebeurd btw!


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