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Jakub Janda and 16 others spread fake news trying to defend fake news website EUvsDisinfo

Excuses, even een topic in het Steenkolen Engels wegens dat onze broek afzakt van wat we nou weer aantroffen op de site van onze vrienden bij EUObserver.com. Kijk dan wat er staat.


Jakub Janda and 16 others who seem to claim expertise concerning the battle against fake news apparently have no qualms about spreading fake news themselves. Their recounting on EUObserver.com of the withdrawal of the fake news accusations made against, amongst others, GeenStijl is so erroneous it borders on the malicious. In their article they spread the dubious idea, that is even contested by the EU's High-level Expert Group on Fake News, that European institutions should compose "black lists" of media that spread false information. We would like to suggest that their beloved EUvsDisinfo labels their claim "The three erroneous notices of non fact-based news in Dutch media that led to the Dutch parliament' resolution were all made in the first  year of EUvsDisinfo's existence. They were immediately admitted and corrected" as fake news.

As opposed to EUvsDisinfo when it accused GeenStijl of spreading fake news, we ARE able to provide substantial evidence to support this claim.

On January 18th, GeenStijl wrote about our site being mentioned on EUvsDisinfo and encouraged our readers to report this mistake. Several readers did what we asked.

On January 24th, almost a week after the complaints were filed, several Dutch media tried to contact EUvsDisinfo to ask about these misguided allegations. EUvsDisinfo refused to answer EenVandaag, while another spokesperson could not give meaningful answers to Villamedia but did claim that EUvsDisinfo employed people who possess 'Dutch language skills'. The allegation against GeenStijl was still on EUvsDisinfo's website.

On January 26th, MORE THAN A WEEK after the first complaints were filed, GeenStijl's lawyers wrote a summons to the EU. In this summons GeenStijl demanded an official rectification. In the real world, not Jakub Janda's fairy tale world of European subsidies, these lawyers have to be paid for.

On January 29th, 11 days after the first complaints were filed, and three days after GeenStijl had written a summons to the EU, EUvsDisinfo removed the allegations against GeenStijl without mentioning this to anyone. After the NOS had asked about this, a spokesperson told that the allegations were made because of a 'translation error'.

On February 2nd, the European External Action Service finally wrote to GeenStijl. The letter contained no apologies. It claimed an 'incorrect transcription' was made and assured EUvsDisinfo looked into feedback 'promptly'. 

On February 20th, because EUvsDisinfo refused to openly rectify their false accusations, GeenStijl summoned the EU to appear in a Dutch courthouse.

On March 8th, EUvsDisinfo finally published a statement admitting their mistakes.

50 days after the first complaints were made. 

50 days.

And only after GeenStijl and other accused media have made substantial legal costs suing the European Union itself since there was no transparent way to appeal to the claims in the first place.

The European Union did not offer GeenStijl to reimburse these costs.

Now Jakub Janda and 16 others write that the claims were 'immediately admitted and corrected'. It took 50 days and substantial legal costs.

If that is not false information, we don't know what is.

UPDATE: LOL. Het artikel is nu ineens geschreven door "Willem Aldershoff and 16 others" ipv "Jakub Janda and 16 others". Hoi Willem, even in je moerstaal: wij spugen op EU-censuur en wij spugen helemaal op ex-ambtenaren zoals jij die het vrije woord kapot willen maken. Als je Nederlands spreekt, dan had je kunnen weten hoe bizar en ranzig de beschuldiging van de EU tegen ons is. Vrijwel ieder Nederlands medium heeft er namelijk aandacht aan besteed. Trek je nepnieuws in Willem, want je staat voor paal.
EXTRA UPDATE: Uiteraard. Willem schrijft op de Joop. Hihihi. Hahaha.

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