Marokko WOEDEND op kleinzoon Mandela's "Free Palestine" speech tijdens African Nations aftrap

Het is ook nooit goed!

Ja het was gewoon een keurig systeempraatje door een inwisselbare nepo baby tijdens de aftrap van de African Nations Championship. "Let us remember that Madiba [a name given to Nelson Mandela] said our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of Palestine, therefore we stand together to fight for the liberation of Palestine. From the river to the sea! Fee free Palestine! Free free Palestine!" Tot zover, zo goed. Maar toen... "We say that, in his [Nelson Mandela] honour, let us not forget the last colony of Africa, Western Sahara, let us fight to free Western Sahara from oppression." JA HO EVEN DAT WAS DE BEDOELING NIET meneer Mandela. 

"The Confederation of African Football (CAF) said Sunday it will investigate comments made at the African Nations Championship in Algeria to "free" the disputed Western Sahara, that have sparked Moroccan fury. (...) Morocco's football federation called the statement "provocative". On Sunday, CAF said it "will investigate and look into the political statements and events at the opening ceremony (...) CAF stressed its position is "to be neutral on matters of a political nature"."

Het is ook nooit goed.

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