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Weekend-kijktip. Zweedse film over meisje dat vriendje voorbinddildoot

Precies wat we nodig hebben dit goddeloze weekend en regiseusse Anette Sidor (v, Zweeds) levert. Recensenten zijn dan ook LOVEND. "FUCK YOU is the story of a Swedish teenager named Gina who shoplifts a strap-on and sees what wearing it brings out in her male friends. The boys of FUCK YOU are brash, macho, peacocking sorts of lads. They show their bravado by how much pain they can take, how high they can jump, and other such silly displays of masculinity. Their faces when confronted with another symbol of masculinity on one of their female friends are priceless. (...). The question gorgeously goes beyond sex and kink – it’s a direct challenge to young patriarchy, and an affecting one at that." Kortom, precies de verkenning van genderrollen die Zweedse mannen kunnen gebruiken want zoals u weet verkrachten ze wat af die Zweedse mannen.

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