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We are Jack's eternal lockdown in het Stamcafé

Where is your mind?

                Do something for me.


                Appreciate something.


                Look at me...


                My eyes are open.


    Jack's finger squeezes the trigger...

    KABLAM! -- Jack's cheeks INFLATE with gas.  His eyes bulge.
    BLOOD flies out from his head.  The WINDOW behind him
    SHATTERS.  SMOKE wafts out of his mouth and tear ducts.

    RESUME NORMAL SPEED as the GLASS FALLS behind Jack...

    Tyler stands, in gunsmoke, eyes glazed, sniffs the air...

                What's that smell... ?

    Jack slumps to the floor... Tyler falls...

    Tyler hits the ground.  The back of TYLER'S HEAD is BLOWN
    OPEN, revealing blood, skull and brain.

    Suddenly, a GROUP of SPACE MONKEYS burst into the room,
    moving forward to Jack.  TYLER'S BODY IS GONE.

                            TALL SPACE MONKEY
                Are you all right, sir... ?!

    Jack quakes, holding the side of his head; a ragged hole
    blown in his CHEEK.  He's bleeding hard, but he's alive.

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