Welcome to Holland, exchange student!

mocartoon.jpg Hi there! Nice weather, isn't it? Good to have you here. Take a seat. Want a drink? Make yourself comfortable. Enjoy with everything you have this beautiful country you're staying in right now. Because, you have to admit: It's a stunning little fucking nice piece of land we have here, huh? The Netherlands. With all her magnificent values and mind-blowing achievements. A free and open society for everyone. University Exchange-projects, like the one you are in. Student magazines. Free and open debate nights where every minority can express her or his opinion without any fear of repression. Now, we couldn't help but notice your complaint letter published on the Observant website. It seems you have a lot of problems with a certain poster made by the beer drinkers of the local student association.
Last month, the student association Ouranos (Yups, that’s how you pronounce it) organized a debate night named: The issue Geert Wilders. For promotion they published a poster which we couldn't find on the internet but clearly had an image of the infamous Kurt Westergaard Muhammed cartoons on it. You know, the one that led to the fucked-up outrage in the Middle East and the bombing of the Danish embassy in Pakistan (5 deaths). Because of this Mr. Westergaard, till this very day, has never been able again to walk on any street in the world without the fear of being murdered by a crazy Muslim. You say: "After seeing the ‘debate’ poster all over the law faculty, I have felt insulted and even my religion being discriminated against". Then you go on and on, about how outraged you are blahblah blasfemic yadiyadiya great offence. Fine. Go ahead. Whine as much as you want with your narrow-minded and ignorant letters. You just don't seem to understand that feeling offended is just a small price we pay for living in the free Western world. Because you lack a sense of humor, you even miss the irony of the whole situation. You want to ban a poster which is advertising a night of free speech. If it wouldn't be so absurd, we would be crying. But the one part of your letter which really pisses us off is this: "Maastricht University has a high rate of many international students, and if there were more Muslim students here, I am sure they would also complain, and some would maybe even become violent." Oh really? So you and your nutty reli-freaky friends are going to blow themselves up in school? Where we come from, we call that a threat. And different than you might think, we are not impressed by it. So we just keep on making up stupid jokes about your stupid religion. By all means. That's what we do. Just for the laugh. And that's what your religion, like any religion, deserves: To be ridiculed with funny pictures. Or cartoons, like this one. Or hilarious movies like this one. So for fucks sake, stick that pathetic "Please do not publicize any posters or images attacking anyone’s religion" where the sun never shines. You're barking up the wrong tree. Besides: Think about it. Those guys from the debate club were probably running a tight schedule. Ever heard of deadlines? They had to make that poster in one night. Some cutting & paste work, you know. Stress. So they googled the farking picture and off they went. No big deal. And for the love of god: Have you seen who the University invited to speak? PvdA-laywer and Wilders-hater Els Lucas and some left-wing hippy from Groen-Links! Therefore, nothing to be afraid of. Just the old Geert Wilders bashing as usual. Thanks for your attention. Have a fab time @ school. Don't listen to your imam. He's full of shit. You should make out behind the bike shed. No really, you should. Cheers! Brusselmans


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